Nutrition consulting

The right attitude to nutrition is essential for successful preventive medicine. The principles of healthy eating belong to the fundamental pillars of holistically oriented treatment.

The demands on modern, health- and future-oriented nutrition are increasing. In times of culinary diversity, a lot of people have forgotten how to eat reasonably and consciously. High requirements in professional and everyday life lead to dietary imbalance. The consequences are overweight, lipid metabolic disorders, diabetes and further numerous nutrition-related diseases.

Our consulting is based on the latest findings in nutritional science and comprises

  • A thorough analysis of the nutritional status, anamnesis
  • The evaluation of nutrition record
  • A personal nutrition plan
  • A diagnosis of the nutrition and eating habits
  • The calculation of individual calorie consumption
  • The optimisation of nutritional composition
  • Attendance during the process of adjustment.

During the initial informative consultation you will decide about the scope of consulting. We will support you in formulating your personal goal of the consultation. We consider consulting to be process guidance with elements of behavioural therapy, and help you to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

You will receive information about the metabolic processes, risk factors and course of disease. And you will learn how to avoid complications.

What is the role of food selection, its ingredients and preparation methods for your well-being and your personal fitness? Our consultation will be rounded off by the tips for practical implementation in everyday life.

Another main focus lies in giving advice to the patients having food allergies, such as pollen-associated food allergy and neurodermatitis. We will give you recommendations on practical and tasty realisation of your individual (allergy) diet and optimisation of the nutrient supply in spite of avoiding certain foods. In the scope of allergy prevention, your consulting package will include, amongst other things, recommendations on interior design, avoidance of cross allergies, for example, food selection with existing pollen, mould or latex allergy, as well as nutritional recommendations in the case of inherited predisposition to allergy and desire to have children.

At our practice, a hydrogen breath test is performed to detect lactose and/or fructose intolerance.

We will inform the patients, in which we have detected such a milk sugar or fruit sugar intolerance, about the eventually necessary change of diet.

In the case of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Chron’s disease or ulcerative colitis, we will give you recommendations on how to avoid malnutrition occurrences.

With nutritional therapeutic indications, the consulting may be subsidised by your health insurance.


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