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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our check-ups

Below we have listed some of the questions our patients have about our health checks and preventive examinations as well as the corresponding answers for you. In this way, we want to help new and established patients in advance to eliminate any ambiguities.
Feel free to contact us if you have individual concerns or questions that we have not yet answered or have not answered sufficiently on this page.
Do I have to come to the health checkup sober?

You do not have to come to the appointment sober.
You are welcome to eat all meals as usual beforehand.

How much does the health check cost?
Costs - What does the health insurance pay?
When does a corona follow-up check make sense?
How do I get an appointment for my health check?
What all do I need to bring to the examination?
Can I park near the sites?
Is the Praxisklinik und MVZ Bonn accessible for people with walking disabilities?