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Cardiovascular health check-up

Prevention heart attack and stroke

We are as old as our blood vessels are.

As a precaution of heart attack, stroke and circulatory disorders, we examine your heart and blood vessels by colour Doppler ultrasound and determine the elasticity of your blood vessels on the basis of pulse wave velocity.

Moreover, the circulation of blood through the heart is examined by means of the so-called stress echocardiography. This is an extended exercise ECG, depicting the cardiac function under stress with the help of ultrasound.

The main focus of blood examinations is the determination of risk factors for premature vascular calcification.

Range of services
  • ECG

  • Stress echocardiography (extended exercise ECG)

  • Colour Doppler sonography of the carotid artery

  • Colour Doppler sonography of the leg arteries

  • Determination of blood vessel elasticity on the basis of pulse wave velocity

  • Echocardiogram (cardiac ultrasound)

Cardiovascular laboratory
Optional laboratory values
Competence and experience
Billing – insurance reimbursement

If you have decided on a health check-up, please register about two weeks before your desired date.

You can register by post, phone or e-mail.

Our staff will be pleased to assist you further. By request, you can also take non-binding advice from our doctors in advance.