Basic health check-up

This check-up programme is a cost-effective alternative, especially for patients without private insurance, due to the fact that statutory health insurance companies mostly cover only a small part of this examination.

  • ECG

  • Pulmonary function

  • Colour ultrasound of abdominal organs

  • Thyroid ultrasound

  • Basic laboratory

  • General blood test: complete blood count, including blood smear differentiation

  • All blood lipids: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides

  • Liver values: SGOT, SGPT, Gamma GT, alkaline phosphatase, cholinesterase, bilirubin

  • Kidney values: creatinine

  • Gout values: uric acid

  • Inflammatory values: CRP, leukocytes, ESR

  • Electrolytes and mineral substances: potassium, iron, calcium, sodium

  • Diabetes: blood sugar and HbA1c (long-term blood sugar level)

  • Immune system: electrophoresis

The costs of this basic check-up are 331,25 €.

We need about 2 hours for this basic check-up.

If you have decided on a health check-up, please register about two weeks before your desired date.

You can register by post, phone or e-mail.

Our staff will be pleased to assist you further. By request, you can also take non-binding advice from our doctors in advance.