Check-Ups / Health check-ups

Check-Ups / Health Check-UpsCheck-Ups / Health Check-UpsCheck-Ups / Health Check-Ups

The concept of our practice near Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf is oriented towards holistic medicine. Our aim is the integration of inner medicine and naturopathy. To make a diagnosis, we offer a wide range of tests. Thus, we focus on early detection through preventive diagnostics, a health check-up. In the field of therapy we see the possibility of combining the proven methods of conventional medicine with naturopathic treatment (homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine).


Health check-ups

A health check-up is aimed at detecting weak points of the body at an early stage. Health is our most important asset.

Preventive health check-ups primarily serve early detection and prevention of tumours and cardiovascular diseases, the two most frequent causes of death.

The targeted early detection through a check-up allows treating diseases at an early stage already or even preventing the outbreak of the illness.

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