Health insurance reimbursement

If a health check-up is individually set up depending on the prior medical history, age and risk factors and only medically necessary examinations are performed, there are, in general, no difficulties with the reimbursement through private insurance companies or financial assistance offices.

For this reason, we recommend you our programme "Complete health check-up".

Here during the preliminary personal discussion, it will be clarified, what kind of examinations are medically indicated in your individual case. The invoice will be issued by our joint practice for internal medicine on the basis of the medical fee schedule.

The costs of the health check-ups:

complete health check up en basic health check up fitness health check up health check up for smokers cardiovascular health check up

Due to the fact that statutory health insurance companies mostly cover only a small part of these examinations, we offer these patients our check-up programmes with reduced medical expenses in the scope of our membership in the quality network Medwell.

If you have questions, regarding the billing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
For that purpose you should use our contact area.