Dr. med. Reinhold Lunow - medical director

Born in 1953 in Hemer / Westphalia

 1973  School examinations at the Woeste-Gymnasium in Hemer
 1974 - 1980  Studies of human medicine at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University of Bonn
 1979 - 1980  Practical year at the Maltese Hospital of Bonn in the department of internal medicine, surgery and gynaecology
 1980  German medical examination and licence to practise medicine
1981  Conferral of a doctorate by Prof. Dr. Weissbach, former President of the German Cancer Society
1982  American medical examination (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, USA)
1980 - 1986  Further medical training in cardiology and angiology: the clinics of Cologne city / Gastroenterology: Evangelical Hospital Kalk, Cologne
1986  Recognition as a specialist for internal medicine
1986  Opening of his own private practice as an internist and family doctor in Bornheim
2005  Medical director at the practice clinic Bornheim
2009  Inclusion into the Leading Medicine Guide Germany
2015  Certification for academic teaching at the University of Cologne

Dr. med. Reinhold Lunow - medical direktor of practice clinic in Bornheim, Cologne/Bonn

  • Specialist for internal medicine
  • Abdominal ultrasound
  • Thyroid sonography
  • Colour echocardiography
  • Duplex scanning of the leg arteries
  • Carotid duplex scanning
  • Gastroscopy
  • Sigmoid colonoscopy
  • Psychosomatic basic care
  • Professional Association of German Internists
  • German Association of General Practitioners
  • German Society of Preventive Medicine
  • Medical Association of Preventive Medicine and Classical Naturopathy
  • German Association of Sports Physicians
  • German Association of Sports Medicine and Prevention
  • European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
  • German Society for Hypertension - German Hypertension League
  • German Society for the Control of Dyslipidemias (Lipid League)
  • Medical direction of the practice clinic for diagnostics and preventive medicine (practice clinic Bornheim)
  • Health prevention with the focus on early detection by means of preventive diagnostics (health check-up)
  • Advising on health-promoting living with implementation of prevention programmes
  • Integration of conventional medicine and naturopathy
  • General internal care of acute and chronic diseases
  • Personnel, information and quality management for optimisation of planning and organisation processes in health care (Health Management and Controlling)
  • Academic teaching at the University of Cologne
  • Diagnosis and therapy of thyroid disorders (specialist for Hashimoto thyroiditis)
  • Since 2005 as a treasurer of the board of the German Football League Club Borussia Dortmund